Bereavement boxes

Bereavement boxes have made a huge difference in helping the deceased relatives.

During COVID-19, the End of Life team started a bearavement support service. This included sending out a box to all of the next of kins of our deceased patients. In this box, there was a handwritten card, marigold seeds, bereavement support telephone numberd and a knitted heart, with a knitted heart also going with the deceased patient. 

The feedback and value of this service has been fantastic with the relatives feeling supported even after death of their loved one.

After receiving such positive feedback, the End of Life Care team wanted to continue this service for another year - which will impact our relatives and future end of life care patients. CHFT Charity are happy to help with the funding of this service.

"Right from the beginning of COVID, Emma and the CHFT Charity have supported the bereavement service - we really couldn't do what we do without the support of your donations. Emma and the team have also supported us to engage with our community to ask for support in knitting the hearts. The bereavement box has had a real impat for the bereaved relatives we have sent them to. Thank you so much." - Gillian Sykes - End of Life Care Facilitator. 


We received some great feedback from the relatives that received a bereavement box: 

- "The lovely card and knitted heart is a very special touch and I will treasure it in my brothers memory."

- "My mum was so happy knowing dad had a heart too. I will plant the seeds on his grave in spring."

- "The heart was next to me when I did the eulogy."

- "I can't describe the feeling when we got the box. Totally overwhelmed and speechless."