Where or When Performance

Understand what the "Where or When" performance is and how it has helped our colleagues and patients.

Thanks to your kind donations, in May we were able to fund two performances of the play "Where or When" written by Brian Daniels with post-performance discussions at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. This play is about raising awareness of older pople living with Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias, and promoting a respectful, holistic approach to their care. 

The play gave a different perspective of dementia care to provoke thought and conversation between colleagues, it was funded to provide a unique and interactive training for all staff during Dementia Action Week. 

The emotive impact that play had on our staff members will leave to more awareness around dementia and improve dementia care, which will benefit patients and CHFT as a whole. 

"It was a very touching and thought-provoking performance which made you think about the person living with dementia and how their experience in hospital changed depending on the way staff communicated with her, the history they gathered from the patients partner and how they used that history to deliver person centred care." - Rachel Bennett - Prevention of Delirium Co-ordinator.