Help raise £80,000 to transform our MRI services

Medical Imaging plays a vital role in the early detection, diagnosis and treatment for patients, and we know that having an x ray or MRI scan is often quite scary – especially for children and their families.

All too often children require a general anaesthetic to undergo either an emergency or routine MRI scan, but we want to reduce this and instead of anaesthetic, we want to use the power of a child’s imagination instead – so we are appealing for your help.

Support the Imagination Appeal and your donation will help:

  • Fund and install the latest technology available (Phillips Ambient Experience), to provide patients with a fully enhanced MRI experience, where they can choose the rooms lighting, music and what images they watch
  • Provide play resources and distraction packs to prepare patients and their families ahead of an MRI scan
  • Refurbish waiting areas, creating designated child friendly and safe spaces

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Supporting the Imagination Appeal, you will:

  • Help prepare younger patients in advance of their procedure
  • Provide less need for general anaesthetics or sedation
  • Significantly reduce waiting and scan times
  • Help our Radiographic team secure more accourate images
  • Patients have an earlier diagnosis of their condition
  • We can start life-changing treatment sooner
  • Help will ensure our Radiographic teams have a much inproved experience at work, reducing challenging situations and anxiety for patients and their carers.

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