Handheld fans to support colleagues going through menopause

It's really important to CHFT Charity to look after our colleagues as well as our patients!

Thanks to generous donations to CHFT Charity, we have been able to fund a number for handheld fans. These will be provided to support our colleagues who are experiencing hot flushes due to the menopause. The fan will help to ease this symptom for colleagues, helping them go about their daily duties. 

The use of fans will improve the working lives of our colleagues. They will give our colleagues a direct stream of cool air to their face without drawing attention to themselves. Haldheld fans are effective at lowering someone's temperature, making the individual feel instantly more comfortable. They are easily recharged by using a USB cable. 

CHFT Charity know that these fans will make a positive impact to our colleagues going through menopause, by making them feel cool and comfortable. 

Additional work is being undertaken to support colleagues who are perimenopausal or menopausal with the introduction of a menopause policy alongside working towards becoming a menopause accredited Trust. Questions will be incorporated into the National Surveys; the annual NHS Staff Survey and a standalone menopause wellbeing assessment is to be introduced. 

Wellbeing Advisor, Samantha Lindl, said: "It's been a great honour to collaborate with CHFT Charity to provide portable fans for our colleagues. These fans, along with additional resources such as the introduction of a Menopause Policy, the Change Society and access to lighter uniforms, enhances our ethos of One Culture of Care for our colleagues. We'll continue to explore additional support and resources, generate ideas with the input of our colleagues, and make those changes to ensure colleagues are supported alongside providing access to training for managers".