Compassionate Leadership Course impacts our patient care

Compassionate Leadership Courses started for our managers and leaders within our Trust.

CHFT Charity have recently funded multiple Compassionate Leadership Courses for all mangers and leaders within Huddersfield and Calderdale NHS Foundation Trust to attend. 

The aim for this Compassionate Leadership Course is to deliver: 

  • The definition of Compassionate Leadership 
  • Compassionate Teams - The relationship between climate and performance 
  • Trusting Teams - Importance of Psychological Safety 
  • Moments of Truth - Patient care at the heart of conversations 
  • Managing Emotions - The Chimp Paradox, how we catch emotions 
  • Listening with Empathy - Rather than solutioning 
  • Case work - Putting it into practice in a safe environment 
  • Call to Action - How will you implement this in your role

The main objective of this course was to embed One Culture of Care in the organisation through compassion. Our workforce is exhusted, burnout on the rise and increasing pressures, the importance of compassion cannot be underestimated on ensuring staff feel supported, listened to and able to make a difference. 

Paula Gladwell, Inclusion and Engagement Manager, is who arranged for this course to happen. Paula submitted an approval form to CHFT Charity explaining how this will benefit patient experience. Paula said: "We are delighted to have run a futher 6 Compassionate Leadership Courses this week. It has given our managers and leaders an opportunity to reflect on One Culture of Care and how compassion is at the heart of all we do to support ourselves, each other and the patients we care for."

Katherine Cullen, Deputy Clinical Director of Pharmacy, attended the course and found it very useful. Katherine said: "The thing I valued was the permission to step off the treadmill, leave all the devices behind and focus on me and my leadership for 3 hours. Let's be honest, Teams meetings do not allow you to do thhis as there is always temptation to do something else in the background!

It was so lovely to meet colleagues face to face in leadership roles and be able to consider the challenge of leadership in the aftermath of COVID. I've had a personal interest in the benefits of Compassionate Leadership for a number of years and have been trained before; however, COVID has changed our teams and our challenges as leaders! It was great to reflect thinking about how the pandemic has affected our people both within their roles in the workplace and the reflections we've all had overall having lived through the last years."

Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Charity are very happy to hear that this course impacted our leaders and can't wait to see it put into practice through our patient and colleague care.