'Hope bags' to help improve patient experience

Kind donations to our Children's Ward has helped to make a difficult stay more comfortable for our younger patients who suffer with mental health.

Thanks to your kind donations, CHFT Charity has been able to fund 'Hope Bags' for children and young people who are struggling with mental health issues. These bags include items that will help to reduce stress, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, agitation, or self-harm. 

Any patient aged up to 16 years on the paediatric ward who has mental health concerns who are having negative thoughts etc. will be given a bag of items to distract and uplift their mood. Most items in the bags are sensory related which will have a positive impact and improve patient experience as well as decrease boredom which will impact their mood, individuals will be able to access these bags whenever needed and keep them. 

"The Hope bags are a fabulous idea to help us improve patient experience. We have had a big increase of children and young people being admitted to the ward for mental health issues over the past couple of years. These bags will help make a difficult stay in hospital more comfortable." - Lola Duncan, Ward Manager. 

Each bag will obtain various items such as: 

Fidgets, craft items, stress balls, soft toys, bubbles, notebook, pens, inspirational quotes, calm cards, anxiety cards, essential oils, hand cream, floral room spray, music items, breathing technique guides, sensory items etc.