In loving memory of Debbie Moore

Last week, we got given the opportunity to dedicate a leaf on our Tree of Memories to a much-loved member of CHFT who sadly passed away.

Debbie Moore, a much-loved member of the Phlebotomy Team, sadly died in June after a short illness. Last week, an engraved bronze leaf was installed on our Tree of Memories at Calderdale Royal Hospital in her memory.

Debbie worked at Calderdale Royal and in the Calderdale community since 2009. She was considered one of the best phlebotomists within phlebotomy. Her colleagues described her as the ‘life and soul of the party and department’.

Debbie’s dad, mum, sister, brother-in-law, children, and partner were all present to see the leaf go up.

Phlebotomy Operations Manager, Elaine Reeves, said: “Debbie’s family were pleased to see her remembered in this way and to know that we all still think and talk about her.

“The 129 on the leaf is the number Debbie used to sign off her samples. We’ve retired this number now, so no-one else will use it.

“The family were delighted that her name is now on the tree and really appreciated being there and Dad being allowed to fix it on for her. It was emotional for all of us.”

Charity Manager, Emma Kovaleski, said: “The Charity were pleased to honour Debbie’s memory with a bronze leaf on our beautiful Tree of Memories at Calderdale Royal Hospital.

“It was an emotional visit, but also a wonderful opportunity to come together and connect with our wider charity community.

“The Tree of Memories is a beautiful was to honour someone you love. For more information, please visit the dedicated in memory page.”