Supporting patients in our Radiology Department: 

Thanks to generous donations, we have been able to fund two DAB radio/bluetooth speakers - one for our Radiology Day Case Department and one for our Vascular Radiology Suite. 

Our patients in the Radiology Department are with us for most of the day and appreciate some background noise to distract their mind. The Department use to have a speaker where patients were allowed to decide what music they wanted on during a procedure to keep their mind occupid but it has broken. The team have seen a difference in patients' mood due to the silence. The team feel that music enhances patient experience as they can pick the music/radio station which keeps them relaxed. 

Music and some background noise really does improve our patient experience from admission to their procedure to their recovery. 

"We, as a team, believe that music therapy helps the patient journey from admission to discharge. The music provides a calming atmosphere for all our patients as well as colleagues." - Amreet Uppal, Service Lead.