Your amazing fundraising efforts would help services such as our Rainbow Community Hub which provides care for children and young adults between 0-18 years old. Previous funds to this service has helped purchase items such as distraction equipment, sensory items and accessible play equipment. 

If you're a buisness, school or community group, we have all the resources for you to make your Tea Party the best it can be! 

Download your resources

Hello, my name is Emma-leigh and I am your Fundraising Co-ordinator and I am really passionate about developing partnerships with our local nurseries, schools and colleges.

If you work in a school, perhaps part of the PTA I would love to speak with you. Email me at or call me on 01484 344 344 

Lets make a difference together

We understand that fundraising is a partnership, so we are keen to foster a partnership with you - that will help children and young people who support us develop and enhance their skills and abilities which align to the curriculum and enhace their learning and future prospects. By pooling our motivation, ideas and energy, we could achieve great things together. Get in touch with our team for more information