A spotlight on Children's Diabetes Fund

Today, we would like to shine a spotlight on our amazing Children’s Diabetes Fund. Since 2022, Gerry has been a regular and very important donor and fundraiser into our Children’s Diabetes Fund after her son, Thomas, sadly passed away due to complications with Type 1 Diabetes. Gerry and her family have raised an amazing amount of £8,000 alongside donations of toys, with plans to donate more in 2024.

After receiving such amazing support and donations from Gerry. CHFT Charity wanted to show our gratitude by offering Gerry a leaf on our Tree of Memories. We believe that this is a beautiful way to honour someone so loved, like Thomas. Gerry accepted our offer of a bronze leaf which is now installed on our tree at Calderdale Royal Hospital.

Gerry’s wish was for her donations to be directly used for fun, supportive and educational events and activities for patients. CHFT Charity has been able to fund annual Christmas Parties for patients and families, allowing people to connect with each other to share tips and tricks as well as receive emotional support. These parities have been a good space for people to create enriching relationships with colleagues.

Introducing the Children’s Diabetes Funds newest fundraiser, Andy Smith. Andy’s youngest son, Jude, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in November 2023. Andy has described the diagnosis as a rollercoaster ride; however, the diabetes team have been “absolutely fantastic” and have helped the family in many ways by giving expert advice, care, and compassion. This helped the family to see that Jude can live the active and happy life that he was living before his diagnosis.

Jude and his family were all invited to the Christmas party where they were able to network and make contacts with other parents and families who are facing the same issues. It was a great day for Jude in which he was able to make friends which helped him to understand that it wasn’t just him who has T1 and that it is something that can be managed successfully. His brother and sister also enjoyed themselves and all 3 of them came away from the party with a present each and big smiles on their faces.

Andy soon realised that events like the Christmas party couldn’t go ahead without enough money in the Children’s Diabetes Fund, he decided to do something about it so that Jude and many others can continue to access these events and educational sessions. So, Andy has recruited over 20 volunteers to take on the 13km challenge of climbing the 3rd highest peak in England, Helvellyn, via Striding Edge on 15th June. This hike is a long and difficult ridge; however, Andy has recruited brave souls who are willing to give it a go to raise lots of money to enable children to have memorable experiences in their lives.

Between the group, they are well on their way to reach the £2,000 target! We would like to wish Andy and the group good luck for the hike as well as a huge thanks for raising funds for CHFT Charity.

As well as using donation to fund fun and educational events, we have been able to use them to fund medical devices to support needle phobic patients called Tickle Flex. These devices have proven to benefit several patients as well as encourage patients to give and not miss injections of insulin due to hyper sensory/pain issues. CHFT Charity are looking forward to working alongside the Children’s Diabetes Team to plan the best way in which these funds can be used.

Our fundraisers help to make amazing things happen; these amazing things really do impact patients in a positive way!

Feel free to keep up with Andy’s fundraising challenge by visiting Andy's Fundraising Page.