Galaxy Projectors help to relax and calm each patient

Established in 1948, the League of Friends is comprised of members of the general public who regularly donate into a fund managed by a Board of Trustees. The League of Friends is a voluntary organisation that raises funds to provide additional services, facilities, and equipment for patients and staff. 

The League of Friends at Calderdale Royal Hospital are still here, making a difference to patients, colleagues, and visitors. The volunteers have supported patients in many ways over the years, from funding a telephone trolley to around to patients on the wards, to newspaper rounds, to funding equipment, to befriending patients and visitors. One main funding request that the League of Friends at Calderdale have always taken on is Christmas Gifts for patients. A group of volunteers used to personally purchase, wrap and deliver presents to every ward in the hospital which helped bring some magic to patients. 

Recently, the League of Friends have supported our Ultrasound Department at Calderdale Royal Hospital by funding six astronaut light projectors. Each projector is able to change colour, play music, project an astronaut starry night and move 360°.

These light projectors help to create a calming and welcoming experience for patients, allowing them to be more relaxed and therefore more compliant for the sonographers. They help to make an amazing difference and enhance patient experience. They help to give the patient a more relaxing and enjoyable environment.

Charlotte Thompson, Advanced Practitioner at our Ultrasound Department, said: “These projectors are perfect for relaxing each patient, especially children and young people. I tend to ask each child what their favourite colour is and change the starry night display to their preferred colour which makes them happier.”

We’d like to say a big thanks to the League of Friends at Calderdale for supporting patients, colleagues, and visitors to make their experience better.