Shh Campaign

Having a good nights sleep is essential for inpatients. It supports the healing process and can help them leave hospital sooner. Disrupted sleep patterns have been linked to immune system dysfunction, reduced resistance to inflammation and infection, and slower wound healing. 

One of the main complaints about noise at night was related to the loud closing bins. Thanks to kind donations into CHFT Charity, we have been able to fund silent-close bins which have been situated on ever inpatient ward. Colleagues on different wards have already been promoting a better night's sleep and thinking of other ways in which they can help patients to heal faster.

Matron for Patient Experience, Alex Keaskin, said: "For me, it's about living our values and stepping into others' shoes. What helps you and me sleep is likely to be the same for our patients. 

"Just a quick check to see that they are warm and comfortable, that they've had any pain medication they need, they've been to the toilet and offered them a warm drink, are some of the simple steps we can all take to help them have a better sleep."

CHFT Charity's Communications and Marketing Assistant, Emily Overend, said: "We are very fortunate to have an amazing group of supporters. Without their generous contributions and donations, we wouldn't have been able to fund the new bins. It's great to know that CHFT Charity has been able to play a part in supporting better experience for patients." 

We'd like to say a huge thanks to our Waste Management Officer, Nigel Murphy, who co-ordinated the big bin switchover on all wards. 

Emily and Alex visited all ward areas last week to talk to colleagues about the importance of sleep and a checklist of simple tips to help patients get a healing night's sleep. It was amazing to hear from colleagues what steps they are going to take in order to help patients even more. 

We would also like to say a huge thanks to Yorkshire Tea for donating lots of nighttime tea for us to give to patients before bedtime.